Glitter Paradise - Jewelry for Vixens with an Attitude.  Handcrafted in France with Love ♥ since 2008

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Glitter Paradise – Unique Jewelry for Women

For creative, unique, handmade jewelry that has bubbling attitudes on their own, Glitter Paradise is the online shop to browse around in.
Specializing in exclusive and retro jewelry, this always expanding store is causing quite a buzz...

Being sold by multiple online retailers and making appearances in magazines such as: “Atomic Bombshells”, “Retro Lovelies”, “Licked”, “Pink Bow City”...

Glitter Paradise is gradually constructing its own accessory empire.

Everything in Glitter Paradise is crafted by hand in France and sold worldwide.
With numerous cleverly themed collections and several choices of accessories,
this shop is perfect for individuals with an eye for the off-beat and artistic.

Imaginative and fun there are over 40 cleverly named collections to browse through and buy from. Being inspired by video games, zombies, pop culture and all things vintage, this online store offers a vast variety of themed jewelry and accessories.
Presenting items from main-stream fashion trends such as Lolita Goth, Steampunk, Pin-Up and Geek.
A stylish lady with diverse tastes can indulge those fashionable taste buds

To name and describe a few of these collections there are the G-Girl, Junk Food, Sweet Tooth and Psycho Vixen collections. B-Girl is a little funky with cassette tapes, mini records and stunna’ shade necklaces and rings. Junk Food and Sweet Tooth are two separate collections that specializes in transforming treats into jewelry. From cupcakes to pretzels, a person will get hungry just wearing these delicious looking accessories! Psycho Vixen will give an idea of how alternative these assortments of accessories can be.
Psycho Vixen offers butcher knife, grenade bomb and brass knuckle themed jewelry with a dash of crimson blood

Glitter Paradise sells necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, hair clips, cardigan clips, jewelry for dolls and also takes custom orders from customers.
A person can request a re-make of a certain item in the shop’s inventory to something completely original and individual from the order’s imagination.

Outlandish and funky to sweet and pretty, Glitter Paradise is the ideal place to shop for all kinds of fashionistas.

If a lady is rockabilly, pin-up, victorian goth, psychobilly or steampunk
This shop hits all the right fashionable and creative spots.

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